Directed By: Joe Lumbroso (Brilliant Champions)
Produced By: Joe Mischo (Fourwind Films) & Jon Lurie
Cinematography: Zachary Kertesz
Camera Tech: Minwoo Park
Gaffer: Blake Horn
Grip: Dylan Endyke
Wardrobe: Marlena Pavich & Katya Stepanova
Executive Producer: Eric Weiner
Associate Producer: Alex Litke
Hair & Makeup: Durrell Morgan
Choreography: Katya Stepanov
Editors: Jesse Chandler & Joe Lumbroso
VFX: Blair Kelly & Joe Lumbroso
DIT: Fourwind Films
Colorist: Joe Lumbroso
Story by: Jon Lurie, Jon Sandler & Eric Weiner
Stand Ins: Ethan Young, Joe Mischo, Dylan Endyke, Jon Lurie & Alex Litke.
Featuring: Walter Wexley Waggington as himself

Production Company: The Wild Honey Pie

Welcome Campers is an interactive original series produced by The Wild Honey Pie, filmed at Camp Lenox in Massachusetts, and made possible with support from Squarespace.