Katya is a co-founder of In the Basement Theater Co. a dance-theater collective focused on creating a new, immersive mythology. 
"The Lady in Red Converses with Diablo" was presented as a culmination of a three month artist residency at Arts @ Renaissance in Brooklyn, NY - September - November 2013.

Filmed by: Joseph Mettler, Graham Swindoll and Bart Cortright 
Editor: Joseph Mettler
Music: Rabbit in the Rye
Produced by In the Basement Theater Co.
Featuring: Katya Stepanov, Sophia Schrank, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Graham Swindoll, Aidaa Peerzada, Jesse Carrey, Alex Spieth, Sylvianne Sherman, Andrew Freeburg, Lily Bo, Bryce Cutler, Sophie Kuller, Lucia Roderique, Jessie Shelton, Luca Nicora.

Directed by Sophia Schrank
Filmed and Edited by Graham Swindoll
Featuring Katya Stepanov