Katya plays "Alice" on Daybreaker's Mad Hatter Cruise!

Katya is thrilled to announce her most recent collaboration with Daybreaker, an incredible organization which breaks the day with Yoga and Dance and Artistry twice a month in NYC and across the world. Most recently, Daybreaker asked Katya to play the character of "Alice in Wonderland" on the Mad Hatter Halloween Cruise. It was an exciting return to the world of immersive theater and bringing theater into the dance party world.

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Bodhi Yoga Academy 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Ashtanga/Vinyasa)

This September, Katya traveled to a retreat center called Costa Dulce, 40 minutes from San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua to complete her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training led by Samantha Lee Vetrano and Tina Bock of Bodhi Yoga Academy

This was the school's first International Training! The school is certified through the Yoga Alliance, and all the teaching certification is in accordance with Yoga Alliance principles.

This was a life changing experience. Katya is now certified to teach All Level Vinyasa Flow Classes, as well as Intro to Ashtanga. You can contact her through this website for any group workshops or private lessons!

Check out a gallery documenting the training HERE!

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Katya joins the Contemporary American Theater Festival Rep. Company for their 25 Anniversary Season!

Katya is THRILLED to announce that she will spend the summer at the Contemporary American Theater Festival, playing the role of "Katya Samutsevich" in the commissioned World Premiere of "We Are Pussy Riot" by Barbara Hammond, directed by Tea Alagic. She will also join the ensemble of "Everything You Touch", written by Sheila Callaghan and directed by May Adrales

Washington Post named CATF as one of the Top 50 Festivals of the Summer this year, and performing theater "in rep" is a dying form in the United States, so Katya is excited to have a chance to work with a company of 20 actors, and also to tell a story so close to her heart. She was a huge supporter of Pussy Riot during the trial, and it is an honor to portray one of these women on the stage. 

***Edited: American Theater Magazine featured We Are Pussy Riot in an article about CATF!

"There’s no doubt that CATF casts a powerful spell. This little town in Shepherdstown isn’t just part of the national new-play conversation; it is helping to shape the living literature of the contemporary American theatre. I’ll be proud to sport a 2015 button next year." - American Theater Mag




Katya joins cast of "Crimes of the Heart" at Triad Stage, NC


Katya will play the role of "Babe Botrelle" in the upcomking production of "Crimes of the Heart" by Beth Henley at Triad Stage!

The production will be directed by Jane Unger, former Artistic Director and founder of the Profile Theater in Portland, Oregon. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to play this iconic role in this Pulitzer Prize Winning play.

Karis Danish, Eliza Gilbert and Katya Stepanov

Karis Danish, Eliza Gilbert and Katya Stepanov

Georgetown U. Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics presents workshop of "Remember This: Walking With Jan Karski" featuring David Strathairn

Katya joins the cast of "Remember This: Walking With Jan Karski", a new workshop produced by the Georgetown University Laboratory of Global Performance and Politics. The workshop features David Strathairn in the role of Professor Jan Karski. It will be presented at Georgetown University and will present two performances in NYC in Theater Row. 

"Pride and Prejudice" at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Katya joins the cast of "Pride and Prejudice" as "Ms. Jane Bennet" at the renowned
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Directed by Blake Robison. 

Matt Leisy, Kate Cook, Loren Dunn and Katya Stepanov, left to right, (c) Cincinnati Playhouse

Matt Leisy, Kate Cook, Loren Dunn and Katya Stepanov, left to right, (c) Cincinnati Playhouse

"Robison has put together a solid cast. Matt Leisy as an utterly charming Mr. Bingley with Katya Stepanov as his beloved Jane." -- Cincinnati.com

"The Lady in Red Converses with Diablo" to be in Prague Design Quadrennial!

Set design by Bryce Cutler for "The Lady in Red Converses with Diablo" was selected to represent the United States at the Prague Design Quadrennial in 2015! 

Presented by In The Basement Theater Company at Arts@Renaissance

Directed & Written By: Sophia Schrank
Original Music By: Rabbit in the Rye
Scenic Designer: Bryce Cutler
Costume Designer: Sylvianne Shurman
Lighting Designer: Josh Smith
Media Design: Graham Swindoll

"The tech credits are solid for a production clearly made on a dime. They took over the basement of Arts@Renaissance and went to town, adding album covers here, knick-knacks there, broken glass to stand in for the dangerous waters of the deep, an elaborate room for the Tailor and so on. It's all convincingly mood-setting if not so overwhelming in thoughtful detail that you forget it's a set a la Punchdrunk.”
- Michael Glitz [The Huffington Post]

"Lost in the dozen rooms, transported by projection and light, stunningly intricate stage design, you are guided by the live score provided by Rabbit in the Rye and the searching eyes of the actors themselves. The journey through the world of the lady in red becomes an internal and self-reflective journey..."
- Lisa Markuson [Posture Magazine]

In The Basement Theater Co. awarded 3-Month Artist Residency in NYC

Upon graduation, Katya Stepanov founded In the Basement Theater Co. along with co-founders Adrian Blake Enscoe and Sophia Schrank, fellow classmates from Carnegie Mellon University.

Our company's proposal to turn a 12-room former insane asylum basement in Greenpoint, NY into an immersive theatrical world was accepted! In the Basement Theater Co. began residency at Arts@Renaissance on September 1, 2013. 

Empathetic and vicious, the Lady in Red Converses with Diablo is bound to be a stunning sensory experience. Audience members will walk hand and hand with an estranged orphan as she tears through a diabolical bayou searching for her desired skin. In this fully immersive and interactive dance driven theater experience, audiences will individually encounter demons whispering secrets in firefly infested marshes, manic mermaids, lonesome lovers and even a starved jaguar on the prowl. In the Basement Co’s original myth is a searing depiction of self-abandonment in pursuit of blind perfection... With an original score composed and performed LIVE by Rabbit In the Rye and our own co-founder, Adrian Blake Enscoe.


Katya Stepanov graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Acting, 2013.

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