In The Basement Theater Co. awarded 3-Month Artist Residency in NYC

Upon graduation, Katya Stepanov founded In the Basement Theater Co. along with co-founders Adrian Blake Enscoe and Sophia Schrank, fellow classmates from Carnegie Mellon University.

Our company's proposal to turn a 12-room former insane asylum basement in Greenpoint, NY into an immersive theatrical world was accepted! In the Basement Theater Co. began residency at Arts@Renaissance on September 1, 2013. 

Empathetic and vicious, the Lady in Red Converses with Diablo is bound to be a stunning sensory experience. Audience members will walk hand and hand with an estranged orphan as she tears through a diabolical bayou searching for her desired skin. In this fully immersive and interactive dance driven theater experience, audiences will individually encounter demons whispering secrets in firefly infested marshes, manic mermaids, lonesome lovers and even a starved jaguar on the prowl. In the Basement Co’s original myth is a searing depiction of self-abandonment in pursuit of blind perfection... With an original score composed and performed LIVE by Rabbit In the Rye and our own co-founder, Adrian Blake Enscoe.