"The Lady in Red Converses with Diablo" to be in Prague Design Quadrennial!

Set design by Bryce Cutler for "The Lady in Red Converses with Diablo" was selected to represent the United States at the Prague Design Quadrennial in 2015! 

Presented by In The Basement Theater Company at Arts@Renaissance

Directed & Written By: Sophia Schrank
Original Music By: Rabbit in the Rye
Scenic Designer: Bryce Cutler
Costume Designer: Sylvianne Shurman
Lighting Designer: Josh Smith
Media Design: Graham Swindoll

"The tech credits are solid for a production clearly made on a dime. They took over the basement of Arts@Renaissance and went to town, adding album covers here, knick-knacks there, broken glass to stand in for the dangerous waters of the deep, an elaborate room for the Tailor and so on. It's all convincingly mood-setting if not so overwhelming in thoughtful detail that you forget it's a set a la Punchdrunk.”
- Michael Glitz [The Huffington Post]

"Lost in the dozen rooms, transported by projection and light, stunningly intricate stage design, you are guided by the live score provided by Rabbit in the Rye and the searching eyes of the actors themselves. The journey through the world of the lady in red becomes an internal and self-reflective journey..."
- Lisa Markuson [Posture Magazine]